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PureFantasyF1.net - Rules
1. General
1.1. Brief description:
Based on the real races, the strategy should be putting together the best possible team for each race to score as many points as possible.

A PFF1 Fantasy Racing team consists of 1 Team principal, 3 Drivers, 1 Chassis, 1 Engine, 1 Set of tyres:

 CAR No. 259 

Team-owner: colobus Value
Team name: Colobus Rookies  
Principal: Toto Wolff (Mercedes) 12 M.
Driver 1: Alexander Albon 8 M.
Driver 2: Nico Hulkenberg 16 M.
Driver 3: Felipe Drugovich 1 M.
Chassis: Mercedes 30 M.
Engine: Honda (Customer engine) 8 M.
Tyres: Option (Pirelli) 4 M.
Team value:   79 M.
Cash balance:   1 M.

The owner of the PFF1 team with the most points at the end of the season will be the PFF1 World Champion. Team owner with at least 3 teams take part in the PFF1 Constructors World Championship.

Every player is able to create up to 5 leagues (public or private). In the leagues the contenders fight for the league title till to the end of a season.

The scores are calculated after the chequered flag or after the end of the Qualifying from an official web site (as soon as the results are published). Changes because of disqualifications, grid penalties or something like that after the PFF1 database update do not have any influences on the PFF1 results anymore.

PureFantasyF1.net reserves the right to adjust the rules during a season, if required.

The decisions of PureFantasyF1.net are final and not disputable.
1.2. PFF1 Race Calendar:
The PFF1 race calendar consists of 22 races and can be found in the MAIN MENU under INFO. It is possible that some real races are not be used for the PFF1 scores.
If it is necessary, the PFF1 race calendar can be adjusted during the season.

1.2.1. Races with Sprint:
Race Circuit Country Laps Date Database closing time
01BakuAzerbaijan5128.04.2023 - 30.04.202329.04.2023 10:30:00
02SpielbergAustria7130.06.2023 - 02.07.202301.07.2023 12:00:00
03Spa-FrancorchampsBelgium4428.07.2023 - 30.07.202329.07.2023 12:00:00
04LosailQatar5706.10.2023 - 08.10.202307.10.2023 15:00:00
05AustinUSA5620.10.2023 - 22.10.202321.10.2023 19:30:00
06Sao PauloBrazil7103.11.2023 - 05.11.202304.11.2023 15:00:00

1.3. Playing abilities:
3 different playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert are available for the contenders of PFF1. It's up to each player, how much time he wants to spend to manage his teams. Amateurs, Pros and Experts take part in the same competition.

Depending on the PFF1 Super-Licence the playing ability can be altered unlimited prior to race 1. Up to 5 changes are possible after the first race, except a race has driven as an expert. After race 10 (playing ability Amateur and Pro), or after race 1 (playing ability Expert) are no changes possible anymore.
1.3.1. Amateur:
- Assistant Create a new team: A complete team is suggested after the input of a team manager and a driver.
- Assistant Improve team: With one click on the button a suggestion for a team improvement is generated.
- Qualifying positions and a fastest race lap time are suggested automatically.
- The game play is more simple: The team component Secrecy is not available, only 3 team changes per race are possible (no minus points),
Constructors World Championship: The first 3 created teams take part, a team selection is not possible.
1.3.2. Pro:
This playing ability equates to the challenging game play of the PFF1 season 2010.
- Guess fastest Race Lap Time: With a click on the GURU Button a guess is suggested by the system.
1.3.3. Expert:
The playing ability Expert is just for the absolute racing fan. No assistants are available and the game play is challenging and very time-consuming. The special feature ERS is only available for Experts.
1.3.4. Super-Licence:
Calculation of career ratings:
The team with the highest score at the end of a season is evaluated with 100%. The ratings of the other teams are scaled down according to their achieved points. The total rating is the average of the season ratings.
Remark: If a team did not take part in all of the races in the first season, the first season won't be used for the calculation.

Calculation of activity points (per team and race):
1 activity point is awarded for one change of a team component. Every change, which causes a point loss (only possible with Pro or Expert playing ability), counts twice. A bonus point is awarded for 3 guessed Qualifying positions. The prediction of the fastest race lap time is awarded with 1 bonus point too. A maximum of 13 points per race and team can be collected.

Criteria for the Super Licence Pro Expert
Either duration of membership
Required number of seasons: 2 4
Or achieved performances
Required number of races: 7 17
Required number of total points: 600 1600
Required number of points in a race: 90 120
Required number of activity points (per team): 20 75
Required best position in a race: 250. 100.
Required career rating: 75.00% 80.00%
1.4. Team Management:
A registered competitor may create up to 7 teams and 3 leagues (public or private).

The budget per team is 80 M. at the beginning of the season, after each race every team gets up to 2 M. extra money.
The costs of team principal, driver, chassis, engine and tyres vary after each real race.

Prior to the first race a team can be changed unlimited. Usually a team can be modified till 3 hours before the Qualifying of a race weekend (for the valid database closing times, look at the calendar page).
1.4.1. Team changes:
3 changes are for free before every race, each further change causes 5 minus points. One change is a transfer of one team component. The point loss will be calculated after the following race. Guessing the Qualifying positions of the driver is unlimited possible and does not lead to minus points.

Exception: 5 changes for free are possible after race 1 to 3. If an extraordinary costs adjustment is executed after race 7 (optional), 5 changes also are allowed for this race.
Remark: Amateurs are only able to do changes for free (no minus points are possible).

Additional team changes: A pool of 7 free team changes is available per season, in addition to the contingent described above. Only one additional change can be activated per race.

A team owner is not able to have more than 2 teams consisting of 'identical' components. Differences in selected components 'Driver 3' and 'Secrecy', as well as in guessed Qualifying positions or fastest race lap time won't be considered. The exchange just of 'Driver 1' and 'Driver 2' among each other doesn't put things right.

During a race weekend the database will be closed and it opens after the points are calculated. While the database is closed no changes can be made.
1.4.2. Naming Convention:
PureFantasyF1.net does not tolerate displeasing, offensive or other improper expressions for Team Owner-, Team- and League-Names and comments.
PureFantasyF1.net reserves the right to change or delete names or comments, respectively to suspend participators from the competition.
1.4.3. Tyre management:
If only 1 tyre supplier is active in reality, the tyre component is divided into 2 groups (Prime and Option). The racing teams are assigned alternately at the beginning of the season to one of the tyres groups according to the last Years Constructors standings and the entry list (Prime: 1, 4, 6, 8, etc.; Option: 2, 3, 5, 7, etc.).

Remark: In reality the Prime and Option tyre must be used at least once during a race. The Prime and Option tyre must be chosen at least 7 times during a PFF1 season. If a team owner does not observe the rule, a component change will be made by the system in the last 7 races. Inactive teams will be adjusted automatically in the last 7 races after the database closing time.
1.4.4. Value hedging for components:
This feature enables the safe use of components that are predicted for a value loss (due to regular component cost adjustments or DNF) after the next race. A possible component value loss is compensated by a value increase of the team cash balance. Per team the tactical function is available in a maximum of 7 times per season or 2 times per race.

Risk: A component value increase leads to a value decrease of the cash balance.

Activation, deactivation: A click on the cost field right beside the component name opens a dialog box on the team edit page. The settings can be changed as often as you like prior to each race. But each action updates the team change date. The value hedging remains activated only for the next race.
The component performance forecast icon will be replaced by this symbol after the value hedging is activated:

Effects on the team cash balance:

change in value
Cash balance change
with value hedging
Cash balance change
without value hedging
-3 M. +3 M. 0 M.
-2 M. +2 M. 0 M.
-1 M. +1 M. 0 M.
+0 M. +0 M. 0 M.
+1 M. -1 M. 0 M.
+2 M. -2 M. 0 M.
+3 M. -3 M. 0 M.
1.4.5. Secrecy:
With the tactical component Secrecy, the current team combination (and thus the changes made) can be hidden from the other players. An activation can be withdrawn as often as wanted up to 1 hour before the database is closed. The activation can no longer be cancelled within the last hour before the database is closed. This component is not included in the contingent of the 3 free changes.

Available options:
Team components visible to all: Standard setting, all team components are visible to all players.
Hide only predictions: Only the qualifying predictions and the prediction for the fastest race lap time are hidden.
Hide all team components: All current team components are invisible to the other players.

The activation costs vary and increase during the season. An activation is only valid for 1 race. After each race, the money used will be transferred back to the team cash balance.

Cost overview:

Options Cost overview [M.]
  R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 R06 R07 R08 R09 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19 R20 R21 R22
Team components visible to all 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hide only predictions 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3
Hide all team components 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5
1.4.6. ERS (only for Experts):
This feature is based on the ERS which has been used by the real racing teams since the beginning of the season 2014. The higher complexity compared to the old KERS has been integrated to the PFF1 game play. ERS is coupled to the selected engine component. The better the performance of the engine component, the more effective is the ERS unit. ERS is available for Experts from the beginning of the season (charge 0%). No investment is necessary. With ERS it is possible to transfer points from one race to another.

An ERS unit is able to charge up to 20 points (100%). ERS can be discharged or recharged in a race. 1 additional point is awarded per recharging process in a race. On the 'Team edit' page only the maximum number of points to be re- or discharged, can be selected.
The wanted score is limited by the selected engine component:
Formula 'Discharge' or 'Recharge': Engine score / 3 (rounded to zero dezimal places)
For details please check the rules scoring 4.8.

Overtake Button:
The Overtake Button can used once in a race per invested 1 M. (by ERS replacement). The other competitors only see the status 'discharge ERS' as long the database is not closed. In case of a sufficient ERS charge the following formula is applied:
Formula 'Overtake Button': (Engine score / 3 (rounded to zero dezimal places)) + 5 points

A new ERS unit costs 1 M. and is delivered with a charge of 5 points (25%%). A replacement cannot be undone. After clicking the 'Replace ERS' button an additional pop-up window must be confirmed. ERS can be replaced 3 times in a season without causing a penalty. For every additional replacement -15 points are deducted once from the race score. Possible charged points in the old ERS unit get lost.

Limited life period:
The life period of an ERS unit is 7 races. After that ERS does not work anymore. -10 points are deducted from the race score for a defective ERS per race. That’s why ERS should be replaced after 7 races at the latest. Team changes cannot be saved with a defective ERS unit.

0         1
AGE: 1/7
0         1
AGE: 2/7
0         1
AGE: 3/7
0         2
AGE: 4/7
0         1
AGE: 8/7
ERS is not in use
Recharge ERS
Discharge ERS
Overtake Button activated
ERS is defective (-10 pts.)

AGE: 2/7 – The built-in ERS unit is presently used in the 2nd of 7 possible races. OT 0 – The Overtake Button was activated 0 times in the completed races so far. No. 2 – The 2nd ERS unit is currently in use.
1.5. PFF1 World Championship:
The PFF1 World Championship ist the main competition on PureFantasyF1.net for all created Fantasy teams. In addition to the total score the Race and Qualifying results and the challenge for the fastest race lap time are available.

Race results: The teams are ranked according to their points scored in the race. If teams have an equal score, the team which has been changed earlier is ranked in front. Teams which remain unchanged prior to a race (Guessing the Qualifying positions or the fastest lap time count as a change) are ranked behind other teams with an equal score.

Total score: The teams are ranked according to their total score. If teams have an equal score, the team with the lower race position index is in front. The race position index is the average of all race positions in a season (the better the race positions, the lower the index).

The owner of the Fantasy team with the highest total score will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame as PFF1 World Champion.
1.6. PFF1 Constructors World Championship:
A team owner takes part in the PFF1 Constructors World Championship when he is running at least 3 teams.

If a Pro or an Expert has more than 3 teams, he has to nominate the 3 participating teams in the PFF1 Constructors World Championship. The nominations will be carried over automatically from race to race, but can be adjusted prior to each race as often as required. An Amateur takes part with the 3 first created teams, a team selection is not possible.

The scores are taken from the average of the team points of the 3 nominated teams. The team owner will be ordered according to their scored points. If two owner have an equal score, the owner who has the more teams is ranked in front. If team owner with the same number of teams have an equal score, the owner with the better race results (=lower race position index) is in front.
Remark: The ERS points (minus or bonus points) are not used for the score calculation in the PFF1 Constructors World Championship.

The team owner with the highest total score will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame as PFF1 Constructors World Champion.
1.7. PFF1 Expert Tips:
A top 25 ranking in the PFF1 Constructors World Championship enables the team owner to take part in the next Years' Expert tips competition.

The PFF1 Expert tips are a small additional game for selected team owner. For each correct driver-tip 5 points are awarded. For a driver in the top 3 on a wrong position 1 point is awarded. You receive 5 points for the correct tip of the fastest lap regardless of the chosen driver. For each lap difference to your tip, your fastest lap score decreases by 1 point. The exactly guessed lap time of the fastest lap of the race is rewarded by 20 points. You get 10 points for a correct guessed time up to the hundredth digit. You are awarded with 5 points for a correct tip up to the tenth digit. Per one tenth difference, your score will be decreased by one point. Minus points are not possible.

The Expert with the most total points is listed on the start page. Everyone who is interested in becoming an 'Expert', has to send an e-mail to info@PFRL.net with the subject 'Expert'.
1.8. PFF1 Cars:
 CAR No. 259

Since the Fantasy racing season 2006 the PFF1 cars have been used to display the Qualifying starting grid on PureFantasyF1.net.

Everyone who wants to contribute car liveries, is welcome:
It must be pointed out that the car livery has to base on an original PureFantasyF1.net car template. Templates can be requested per e-mail (e-mail address: info@PFRL.net). Liveries which do not base on one of the templates unfortunately cannot be published.

Private PFF1 car livery:
Every registered member is permitted to provide his own customized car livery which may be used exclusively by himself.

The created car livery has to be unique and must match the existing standards. PureFantasyF1.net reserves the right to reject submitted liveries.

106 Race 22  020
3739 (477) Abu Dhabi, UAE (24.11.2023-26.11.2023) 389

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